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13/05/2014 - FLUCAST AB/T, New blend for abrasive products at high temperatures

Due to the increasing of the thermal treatments applied to the abrasive substances which are transported through a pipeline, is necessary to use rubber blends that they are more resistant to the temperature.

In order to satisfy the growing demand that exists to getting a rubber blend that has an excellent abrasion resistance and a very good ...

06/03/2014 - New EPDM blend with FDA certification

In order to attend the requirements from our customers, in Cauchos Castilla we get the FDA certificate for the rubber blend with reference EPDM-003KP, which also it can be used with temperatures up to 130ºC ...

21/01/2014 - EPDM rubber blends with drinking water certification in the different European regulations

In order to attend the requirements from our customers in Cauchos Castilla we have 2 different EPDM blends certified in the following drinking water regulations:

• W270
• EN-681

09/10/2012 - Renovation of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate

It is a pleasure to inform all Cauchos Castilla customers that the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate has been renovated ...

20/01/2012 - New Infrared Spectroscopy Equipment

In Cauchos Castilla for our laboratory we have bought new Infrared equipment, in order to ensure the quality of our products.

With this new equipment we extend the knowledge of all our rubber blends and with the objective to serve more effectively the demands of our customers.

08/08/2011 - New facility for treaty metallic parts to make Rubber-Metal

In Cauchos Castilla we have invested in a full treaty installation to apply adhesives to metallic parts. To make rubber pieces co-vulcanized with metallic parts is necessary a suitable metal surface treatment to ensure maximum efficiency in rubber-metal adhesion.

Our facility has:

• An automatic clean machine for metallic parts, witho ...

18/09/2009 - New Fluorelastomers Resistant to Aggressive Chemical Agents

Cauchos Castilla, has checked that the traditional blends of Fluorestomer show certain deficiency under certain conditions, and for that reason we have designed, in collaboration with our rubber suppliers, different blends able to satisfy part of this demand of chemical agents that up to now didn´t have answer.

These blends are right, in ...

18/05/2009 - Interapp presented their new valve of diameter 1600 in Achema 2009

Interapp presented, in the last edition of Achema 2009, their new valve of diameter 1600, where the ring has been manufactured in EPDM by Cauchos Castilla ...

03/03/2009 - New compound resistant to strong acids and bases

We have now finished the phase of lab experiments and we are carrying out manufacturer testing on a mixture of rubber that is resistant to strong acids as well as strong bases. It is an old challenge that we have been trying to achieve for more than 4 years and it looks like we are finally making headway. (photo from the photo archive, photo of th ...

15/02/2009 - New process of manufacturing butterfly valve seats with diameters greater than 1600 mm

The process developed means a huge savings on the investment in manufacturing tools and production methods. The pieces have a perfect finish, maintaining 100% of their functionality and properties (picture of industrial facility with a lot of pipes or typical photo of an oil refinery or water dam). ...

05/02/2009 - Manufacturers of synthetic rubber fined 34,2 million Euros for price fixing

Today, the European Commission imposed a fine of 34.2 million Euros to the industrial companies Bayer and Zeon for forming a price fixing cartel in the market of a type of synthetic rubber called NBR.
The cartel operated between the years 2000 and 2002, a period during which the German company Bayer and the Japanese company Zeon managed to incre ...

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