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18/09/2009 - New Fluorelastomers Resistant to Aggressive Chemical Agents

Cauchos Castilla, has checked that the traditional blends of Fluorestomer show certain deficiency under certain conditions, and for that reason we have designed, in collaboration with our rubber suppliers, different blends able to satisfy part of this demand of chemical agents that up to now didn´t have answer.

These blends are right, in certain concentration and temperatures ranges, to resist:

•Hydrochloric Acid
•Sulfuric Acid
•Nítric Acid
•Sour gas
•Combustion Gas
•Natural Gas
•Strong Bases

For more information ask you to the technical department of Cauchos Castilla

Cauchos Castilla S.L. :: Carretera de Villagonzalo, s/n :: Telf. (+34) 921 58 30 30 ::


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